Genevieve Hewson & Lauren Emerson, Founders of Walter G

In 2012, best friends Lauren Emerson and Genevieve Hewson found themselves travelling through remote villages in India, immersing themselves in learning the art and history of hand block printing. It was here, the idea to create their own boutique textile house was born.

Why Walter G? Upon their return to Australia, Lauren and Genevieve shared in the loss of two great men, their grandfathers - Walter and George. Walter G was named in their honour.

Samode Palace, Rajasthan

Over a decade on, both ladies remain at the helm of the business, travelling to India annually to source, design and submerge themselves in the rich culture and craftsmanship that continues to inspire each collection.

Visiting the drying feilds, Jaipur, India

“We love jumping on a tuk tuk, and discovering the hidden gems of India. We feel inspired and it is a chance for us to reconnect where it all began.”

Rich in inspiration from antiquities and travel, our prints combine pattern, fresh colour, texture and a touch of nostalgia. Walter G’s collections are designed to be mixed and matched to create a timeless space that feels lived in and uniquely yours.